You can help keep the Ahli Hospital free Community Clinic open to all in Gaza. 

Ahli Hospital, in the center of Gaza City, is a haven of peace and hope in one of the world’s most troubled areas. The people of Gaza are suffering from conditions that we would call unlivable – no clean drinking water, raw sewage polluting the water and land, youth unemployment at 60 percent and for most families, just two hours of electricity every day. 

Despite the extreme adversity, the hospital staff and volunteers are committed to serving the community through out-patient and in-patient care, including emergency and ambulance services - and its doors are open to everyone in need.

Ahli Hospital can’t continue to operate without your help. Your gift to this campaign allows Ahli Community Clinic to serve the poor, the sick and the suffering in Gaza. Only with your help can the clinic continue to care for the families and children traumatized by war and the appalling conditions they live in.  

The American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem is sponsoring this campaign. We are a non-political U.S. non-profit. Our mission is to raise funds for the Diocese of Jerusalem's humanitarian institutions - schools, hospital and institutes for people with disabilities in Jordan Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Syria.

Please give generously. Your gift, in any amount, makes a difference. Your gift will save a life.


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